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Science Partner Journal Ecosystem Health and Sustainability is an online Open Access journal published in affiliation with the Ecological Society of China (ESC) and distributed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Like all partners participating in the Science Partner Journal program, Ecosystem Health and Sustainability is editorially independent from the Science family of journals and ESC is responsible for all content published in the journal. To learn more about the Science Partner Journal program, visit the SPJ program homepage.

Should researchers be interested in submitting their work to Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, we ask that they please first review the Information for Authors page.

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability content is Open Access, publishing under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) on a continuous basis. This means that content is freely available to all readers upon publication and content is published as soon as production is complete. Ecological Society of China holds an exclusive license to the content, the author(s) hold copyright and retain the right to publish.

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Mission and scope

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability publishes research on advances in sustainability ecology and how global environmental change affects ecosystem health. Papers focus on applying ecological theory, principles, and concepts to support sustainable development, especially in the areas undergoing rapid environmental change.

The journal accepts research on the following topics:

  • Impacts of global or regional environmental change on ecosystem health
  • How changes in human activities affect ecosystem conditions
  • System-based approaches for applying ecological science in decision-making to promote sustainable development
  • Multi-scale and long-term observations of ecosystem evolution
  • Development of novel systems approaches or modeling and simulation techniques
  • Rapid responses to emerging ecological issues

Papers on multi-scale, integrative, and interdisciplinary studies, and on international collaborations between scientists from industrialized and industrializing countries are especially welcome.

Publication identifiers

e-ISSN: 2332-8878

p-ISSN: 2096-4129

CN: 10-1499/X

DOI Prefix: 10.34133


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