Simon’s Story

Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper a local teenager aged 17 went to Peru in March 2016 and had to pay for the trip himself. He went to teach sports to orphans out there. We had a request from Simon to help sponsor his trip we donated £250.00 towards his trip.

This is Simon’s story…

This summer (July 2015) I travelled to Peru with the help of the Mat Davis foundation to support local charities in and around the town of Huanchaco on the North West coast of Peru. These causes were based around improving the quality of lives for children in some of the poorer areas of the region, who, in some cases, had only just got running water and sewage installed in their towns. One charity I volunteered for, NAFE, held an after school club in one of these towns which gave the children opportunities to learn some English, French, Maths as well as a chance to partake in sport. For example, we held a sports-day on one of my last days there, seen below viagra generique prix internet in some of the pictures, where we took the children to a local court and played Volleyball, Football, Netball and sack races. While obviously this is not able to fix the huge issues these children face as a result of living in poverty, which include gang violence, drugs, disease, it gives them a small chance to get some exercise and have fun for a couple of hours a day. I also spent time volunteering on other projects, one of them being construction for a skate park, la rampa, in one of the local shanty towns. This was run by the charity who I went with, Otra Cosa, and when I arrived they were just beginning construction on a new part of the park. Over the next few weeks I helped, alongside a few other volunteers, to finish a large section of the park and make it ready for use for the local children. The trip was made possible by the Mat Davis Foundation, and I’d like to thank them for their generous sponsorship, I believe it went to a deserving cause.

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