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Over the last 40 years WAGS have helped many local and national charities by raising money and awareness of the work that they do. The money has been raised in many different ways. The Cast raise it during prix cialis en pharmacie the rehearsals and back stage at the theatre by things as diverse as:

  • Baking cakes and selling them
  • Shaving hair off
  • Guess the gang member from photos of their legs
  • Dressing the producer up in silly costumes
  • Slave auctions

And then of course there have been collections at the end of the performances.

Last year they supported “The

Mat Davis Foundation for Terminal Cancer” and raised a massive £2008.00 through their performance of the WAGS Gang Show at the end of the year. Tony Guy

came to one of The Mat Davis Foundation trustee meetings to present the cheque.

Tony Guy presenting cheque


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