The Mat Davis Anniversary Ball 2013


On Saturday 2nd November 2013 we held our 2nd Annual Ball, this time in loving memory of Mat. It was held on the anniversary of Mat passing.

On route to the venue, Mat was truly with us, as most of you will remember a huge tree that had fallen across the main road, blocking access temporarily to The Ramada Hotel which is where the ball was held – we always knew when Mat had arrived to an event!

With 150 excited guests, the evening was in full swing from the moment you walked through the doors. The DJ played the perfect music throughout the night!

The live band – ‘The Revolvers’ had everyone on their feet all night, with some even taking their clothes off! (Joshua) Although he did keep his underpants and bow tie on, which matched!

An amazing powerpoint presentation was shown which reflected Mathew’s life and summed him up to perfection, with the guests not knowing whether to laugh or cry and most doing both! We had a fantastic raffle hosted by Stuart Hood. We
can’t thank people enough for their donated prizes and also a huge thank you to Julia, Angela, Julie, Collette, Gemma, Carl, Amanda and Angie for their hard work and organisation and for making this event happen.

All our love, The Mat Davis Foundation Committee



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