Article Processing Charges

The journal Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Research (OLAR) is an Open Access journal supported by article processing charges (APCs). There are no submission charges.

APC rate

From 2021 through December 2024, all APCs will be covered by SML. Authors whose work is accepted for publication in OLAR before January 1, 2025, will therefore not be responsible for paying APCs.


Beginning January 1, 2025, the Science Partner Journals (SPJ) Program will offer full APC waivers to authors in the developing world (Hinari A & B countries). Additionally, full or partial waivers may be available to those experiencing financial hardships. Waivers may be requested at any point in the editorial workflow (pre-submission to acceptance) but are not granted until acceptance. Contact the Science Partner Journal (SPJ) program business office to inquire about waivers.